Leaders quickly realize that it is not enough to develop new and improved sets of strategies, structure and work processes. Inevitably, these changes run headlong into the stiff resistance of a deeply entrenched organizational culture. They realize that they need to reshape the culture, break down silos, and become more collaborative and innovative. Engaged, agile and motivated people are the real power behind the successful materialization of any vision. For this to happen, cultures and collaborative practices have to be developed, implemented and reinforced.

It takes a courageous top team to question current strategies, set ambitious goals and initiate disruptive changes. It takes an aligned top team to carry out the changes and significantly alter a company’s strategy and performance.
Pivot can help by:
  • Aligning or Cascading the Vision
    Engaging the executive team and the people behind the strategic vision is a critical element for success. We ensure that people are fully committed to the strategic vision and orientations through the development of Strategic Forums that progressively reach out and ensure alignment throughout the different layers of the organization (Top 10, Top 100, and Top 1,000). The cascading encourages dialogue at every level of the organization, fostering engagement and commitment and providing valuable input in the change process.
  • Managing Leadership Pipeline
    We can support the development of a formal talent strategy. Determine leadership requirements, including the identification of mission-critical roles that can make or break the company. Assess bench strength, creating an accurate and actionable view of gaps between what’s available and what’s required to deliver on strategy, both at the individual position and aggregate level. Manage the leadership pipeline process, including structured talent reviews and mobility plans to support individual development and accelerate change.
  • Developing a Culture of Shared Leadership
    While leadership and key decisions belong to the CEO and his or her team, our experience has shown that leadership can be exercised at all levels of the organization. This is where the real power of execution belongs. However, this can only happen if the common goals (strategic vision and directions) and decision criteria are clearly shared with everyone. When the values, principles and norms of the organizational culture are truly aligned with management’s intentions, people can exercise their leadership when the situations and issues at hand call for it. We assist clients in the deployment of plans to align collective leadership and organizational culture with the strategic vision and orientations.
  • Collaboration Practices
    Beyond shared leadership, strategy execution requires strong collaborative practices across the organization and with external stakeholders. But people may not be aware of how to deploy and reinforce practices that will facilitate collaboration. Sometimes, without being fully aware of it and although it is not their intention, they even boycott cooperation within and between people and teams. With the client, we create collaborative capacities relying on clear strategies and practices. We develop people’s ability to cooperate to achieve the shared vision and strategic directions.