Context and objectives
  • A major Canadian life insurance company integrating its individual insurance and wealth management activities within a single business unit with a significant growth target
  • Two operating units, with little experience of working together, approaching the market as a single entity and common brand.
  • Our mandate was to support the new business unit leader and his team to design the new integrated distribution model for insurance and wealth management products
  • Benchmarking of US and European organizations, recognized for their innovative distribution approach Mapping of key Canadian players (focus on distribution and wholesaling)
  • Developing a regionally-based distribution model
    • Organization Design & Structure
    • Designed structure and roles to support growth in specific regions and channels
    • Defined senior management roles and responsibilities
    • Defined key business processes to support operations (front-middle-back office)
  • Working with management team to define operating model and key governance mechanisms (decision-making process and forums) Working with individual managers to facilitate integration of activities and teams.
  • One senior management team aligned on key growth objectives
  • Development of a new wholesaling function to support various distribution networks
  • Significant growth in specific target areas