A solid vision and shared strategic directions are critical to successful change. Too often, leaders settle for broad statements of vision and strategy that fail to address the specific challenges of their organization. They state ambitious goals without specifying how to achieve them. As senior team members build their own strategies they never develop the cohesiveness and organizational resilience required to make tough strategic choices and face organizational change.

A good strategic platform must do more than outline a vague goal. It must directly address the four or five main issues that the company is facing and describe the specific actions needed to resolve these issues. A solid strategic platform is tailored to the organization (no cut-and-paste statements), provides clear decision guidelines (what is and isn’t working), is specific in terms of what needs to change, how to do it and how to measure success. It is anchored in an overall vision that is pragmatic, fact-based and shared by the senior leaders in the organization. It creates the energy and excitement for change that that comes from focusing on future possibilities and opportunities rather than on trying to solve immediate problems.

Given the fast pace of business today, there is a growing need for innovative strategies that can be implemented quickly.
Pivot can help:
  • Strategic diagnosis
    Helping organizations understand their competitive strengths and position for success based on key success factors in the industry.
  • Internal Diagnosis
    Including evaluating current performance relative to competitors and strategic fit of the organization.
  • Collaborative Strategic Planning Process
    Involving the right people at the right level, enhancing the relevance of plans and strategic initiatives as well as the commitment to change of the management team.
  • Senior Team
    Alignment understanding the impact of strategies on the organization, fostering greater alignment at the top. Integrated Strategic Agenda--connecting strategic initiatives with key measures of success for the organization.