Context and objectives
  • Definition of a bold growth strategy for a major Group Benefits insurer, involving major changes and development of new capabilities in all areas of the organization
  • Recognition from the CEO of the transformative nature of the changes required and need to address the transformation in an integrated manner
  • Working with the senior team, we were mandated to define the transformation initiatives and roadmap and develop the conditions for transformation success (Transformation Engineering)
  • Identified key impacts of the strategic directions and proposed initiatives on the organization
  • Identified key changes in operating approach for all the key functions in the organization (marketing, sales, underwriting, administrator relations, member relations, etc.)
  • Defined new operating model and organization structure to support the new strategic directions
  • Defined key transformation programs and built integrated transformation plan
  • Developed Transformation strategy and Office to support deployment
  • Deployed a structured approach to mobilize and involve Top managers and build internal capability and leadership for change
  • A transformation blueprint involving defined programs and benefits
  • An aligned top team, committed to the new target operating model and realization of the transformation plan
  • A mobilized cadre of senior leaders, actively involved in the transformation efforts
  • A structured governance mechanism to ensure effective guidance and steering of the transformation