Context and objectives
  • The company was facing a discontinuous change as the traditional physician-focused go-to-market model in the pharmaceutical industry was no longer sustainable
  • They were engaged in diversification of their activities (e.g. OTC, generics) to allow them to overcome the “patent cliff”
  • The new CEO was looking for support in defining and implementing a new business model for the traditional pharma business that would better align with payers and patients
  • Worked with the executive team to establish a common, shared strategic platform and identify key organizational changes required
  • Developed an integrated Transformation Program and Office
  • Established effective governance and metrics for major change initiatives and related business outcomes
  • Helped build senior leadership alignment around the clarity of key strategic dimensions and strategic trade-off decisions
  • Supported the institutionalization of change in major organizational processes and cross-departmental interfaces (including the go-to-market approach)
  • Alignment of the executive team around the new strategic platform and Transformation Plan for the company
  • Kick-starting the change process through the definition and implementation of a comprehensive Transformation Plan
  • Building new capabilities and processes to help the company become more customer-centric (e.g. regional commercial teams, key account management, customer strategy, etc.)
  • Fostering culture change through the Strategic Clarity framework, designed to orient decision making for employees and empowering the client-facing staff