Delivering transformational change is not a business-as-usual activity. It brings its own dynamics and specificities and requires its own management system and processes. Delivering transformational change presents many challenges that call for specific processes and discipline.

Successful transformation efforts are managed as an integrated, end-to-end process. Our perspective is that transformation, like other business functions, is a process that requires specific tools, rules and disciplines. Pivot has developed a comprehensive methodology to manage strategic transformations. This methodology, which is based on our extensive experience in helping complex organizations implement transformational change, is structured around Transformation Maturity Gates. These Maturity Gates, which are organized around the different phases of the transformation process, specify the deliverables and decisions required to ensure that the organization is ready to move to the next phase of the transformation. This gating process guarantees that all specific issues and pitfalls at any stage of the transformation process have been addressed and that conditions for success are present to move to the next stage of the transformation.
Pivot brings structure and discipline to strategic transformation and helps direct the transformation by ensuring that efforts are focused on the right outcomes. We also reduce risk and accelerate the implementation of transformational change initiatives.
Pivot can help de-risk and accelerate major transformation efforts:
  • Transformation readiness assessment, based on Pivot’s proprietary transformation process maturity model
  • Building the Business Case for change
  • Developing integrated Transformation Roadmap
  • Support the implementation of a transformation office and best practice transformation processes and tools
  • Develop an integrated transformation scorecard, linking organizational changes and performance
  • Implementing "Pulse Checks" and sensors to monitor how the change is impacting employees, clients and partners