At Pivot, we understand the dynamics of strategic change as it relates to the Financial Institutions, Insurance and Health & Life Sciences industries. Our consultants have in-depth experience working with major Canadian and global companies in these sectors. Given their grasp of the dynamics of these industries, they can rapidly contribute to the development of new avenues for growth, inspire different ways for the organization to act and optimize operations.
Our consultants work with CEOs and senior teams to define and develop new ways of doing business and position their organization for sustained success. They bring together the capabilities of strategy and innovation, business and organizational design and change in a unique way to accelerate the implementation of change in complex organizations.
A solid vision and shared strategic
directions are critical to successful
There are many reasons why an
organization may be under-
Companies are looking to improve
their organizational performance
every day.
One would think that business
leaders’ main concern is
streamli-ning operations, but
that’s simply not true.
Delivering transformational
change is not a business-as-
usual activity.
Leaders quickly realize that it is not
enough to develop new and improved
sets of strategies, structure and work